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Why Online Dog Training?

Online Dog Training has numerous advantages. Dogs being animals, in their natural habitat they don’t need training. Dog Training has significance only when we, humans wish to use them as pets and want them to behave in a defined manner in specific circumstances. Hence, when we want our dogs or puppy to do things that are required by us, or is beneficial to us, the need to train them to arise. Thus a dog owner, to domesticate the animal, has to know how to train the pet. Like any other training, Dog Training requires an in-depth knowledge of dog behavior trends and plenty of experience in handling the animal. A professional Dog Trainer spends time, energy and money in taking the trouble of prolonged practices with Dogs, analyzing, appealing and altering the behaviors of the dog, through repeated clear and forceful instructions and motivating clues. The process of learning to train a dog is long drawn and requires enormous patience. There are professional Dog Trainers available to train a Dog, either in a group or individually. A good, qualified trainer will no doubt, resolve any behavioral problem and make the Dog an obedient and smart pet. But a reputable Dog Training School or a dedicated Dog Trainer comes with a high price tag, not affordable by all and sundry Dog owners.

Also, they are not available in all localities. If you live in the remote countryside or in rural areas, it is likely that you and the dog will have to travel a long way to reach a reputable trainer. Traveling to and hanging around during the training sessions is not easy for elderly or partially disabled dog owners. The scheduled timings of the training may not suit a busy working person. It is a proven fact that a Dog’s memory is extremely short-lived. Its ability to learn is based on a rudimentary memory as opposed to a true understanding, though they are extremely intelligent animals.  Thus the more you repeat the training at regular intervals, the better the Dog will recollect the commands.

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Dogs have episodic memory. They live at the present moment with virtually no reference to the past, yet they recall certain events that occurred in the past as naturally built rhythms. In Obedience training, the associative memory comes into play. For instance when you give the command to sit and reward him for sitting down, the behavior and reward generate a routine association. In some cases, the location and familiar events trigger a unique spatial memory. Thus a Dog’s ability to learn new lessons is based on a crude primary memory and not true understanding. Hence it is evident that the more time you spend with your dog, repeating periodically the Training Lessons to refresh the tucked away images, the more your Dog will remember your commands. Dogs have a keen hearing ability, which makes clicker training more effective.

Training a dog online is meant for the Dog owner who needs to train a Dog or Puppy. The Dog is incapable to watch video recordings. But the person in charge of the Dog can, in the comfort of his own home, watch as many times as he requires and applies each step of Danny Dogs coaching. There is a wide variety of coaching, allowing one to pinpoint and choose the most urgent problem areas. One can watch what size lead or what kind of muzzle to use, how often rewards should be dispensed and how firm the instructions should be. To sum up, online dog training programs are invaluable to most dog owners, who need to train their dogs but are restricted by financial and physical limitations.

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Online Dog Training

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